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FOOD SEEN is a Raleigh-based marketing agency specializing in creating exceptional visual imagery, social media messaging and digital advertising for domestic and international food, beverage, tableware and hospitality brands.

We have worked with hundreds of concepts, from local restaurants and distillers to multi-national beverage and food-service institutions, creating social media strategies, beautiful imagery and executing thoughtful social media campaigns.


We are experts in the food and beverage industry and experts in social media. We bring together our team's extensive knowledge, and creative capabilities, to create social media content and feeds that connect with your audience. We are not a "plug-and-play" agency. We spend countless hours getting to know your brand, researching your industry, your audience and curating a feed that is unique to your product.


In order to reach your targeted consumer and increase online sales, it's imperative to allocate resources to paid advertising campaigns. FOOD SEEN specializes in designing, implementing a tracking campaigns and ads on various social media platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In and TikTok


Now, more than ever, visual imagery is critical in connecting a business to a consumer. We are experts in creating images that encapsulate a brand, tell a story and create a feeling of aspiration.

We bring together chef-consultants, food and prop stylists, cooks and photographers to create images that showcase a product beyond its utility. We create recipes, food pairing, stories and lifestyle scenes to bring your product to life.

To learn more about our team and our process, follow us on Instagram


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